Friendly experienced photographer based in East Yorkshire, available for work in the surrounding areas and beyond.

I started my photography education at the end of the 35mm film days developing photographs in a darkroom. I experienced the digital revolution through my late teens and young adult life soaking it all up like a sponge through a degree and well over a decade of self employed work. 

I've dabbled in and loved all aspects of photography from documentary to wildlife and don't like to ever be without a proper camera unless I'm enjoying my other passion metal detecting (I've been known to give discounts for permission of new land to search lol).

I've photographed events professionally for over a decade with many return customers so you can feel confident hiring me for any event or shoot you have planned.

I've recently upgraded my full camera system to the most recent and top of the line professional equipment available ready to tackle the most demanding of situations with professional results. 

Please get in touch with any questions.

 Thankyou, Chris Ulliott